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Our Association Mission is to advance the interests of Miami Palmetto Senior High School and its students and faculty, promote fellowship amongst its alumni, develop and assist in fundraising activities to provide financial support to the school and its students for educational purposes through academic programs and extracurricular activities.

Please join the Alumni Association and you will be instrumental in helping us meet our goals.
We are in the planning stages on what Membership will mean to you.

Are you a 2023 graduate? You are entitled to a one-year FREE membership (although also check out the lifetime offer for 2023 graduates below). If interested, please email


1- The form below works best on a computer or laptop, NOT a cell phone

2- If you still want to try on a cell phone, click on the first 'College Student' option and a pop-up menu should appear with all options

3- On a computer or laptop, if you're having problems clear your cache or try another browser


IF IT STILL DOESN'T WORK, please print out the form and mail it in. We apologize for the difficulty! 


Prefer to pay with a check?
Print and send our membership form

We appreciate that you might like to support us further. We invite you to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! Click on the 'Donate' button to enter your gift amount.

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