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Association Board:

President:  Cindy Lerner,

Treasurer:  Nancy Lawther,


Teri Fisher
Susan Montesino

Brittany Batten Jones

Karyn Cunningham

Tom Evans 

Pamela Garrison

Jennifer Gould

Gerry Greenberg

Sean Kramer 

Lisa Mallard

Harry Nerenberg 

Pam Schlactman

Katie Abbott

George Braddock 

Catherine Christin Silva

Kim Sterling

George Theodore

Allie Reamer

Website and Social Media Contact:

Katie Abbott

We are actively looking for interested Alumni or area residents who would like to get involved with the Palmetto Alumni Association. Please contact us at here with your information and we will be pleased to be in touch with you.

Jaime Russell Wasser


June 2023: Some of the Alumni Association Board members, including several new ones, got together to discuss the organization and future plans. 


Pictured L to R are:

George Braddock (new)

Teri Fisher

Cindy Lerner

Katie Abbott (new)

Catherine Christin Silva (new)

Susan Montessino

Pam Schlactman

Allison Reamer (new)

Gerry Greenberg

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